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While the laptop battery lasts…

Jeff Schick – VP Social Computing – Lotus Connections is enterprise ready social software.

Here are select paraphrased quotes from Jeff’s talk:

Innovation can come from anywhere in the org chart, and flow in any direction – from the bottom, from the top, or even from outside…

Imagine how much Wisdom is resident in the people in your company who are about to retire.

Social software has emerged as a an important enabler of innovation.

There are five components in Lotus Connections:

  • Actvities – tool for ad-hoc collaboration
  • Blogs – individual and community blogs
  • Communities – tool for inte
  • Dogear – social bookmarking tool
  • Profiles – rich, web based enterprise directory

Ajamu Wesley – Senior Technical Staff Member in Social Software.

Profiles are the foundation of discovery as they tell people who we are, what we do, and what we’ve done.”
Communities bring people with shared interests together.” Communities can have blogs and bookmarks, shared missions and content.

Dogear [social bookmarking tool] unlocks buried information allowing people to discover resources through others’ experiences”

DEMO – Profiles, Dogear, Communties

Dogear – Enterpirse bookmarking with features much like Bookmarklets and a Firefox plug-in for user’s convenience. Bookmarks can be associated with related communities and allow for a pivot search against these communities. They can also be pivot points for people’s records in the Profiles directory.

Ronnie Maffa – Director, Community-Centric Collaboration.

Blogs provide a new direct connection between communities of people inside and outside of our business.”

Activities help you organize your work, plan next steps, and collaborate easily with others to execute on your everyday deliverables”

DEMO – Blogs and Activities

Blogs: Customized version of Roller that is integrated into the rest of the services in Lotus Connections.

Activities: “Its about the work that you do”. Connected to the Profiles system to allow the user to share the content or ownership of the activity with other users. Activities is written with a REST based ATOM api that allows for integration into other platforms. An example is shown of the Activities integrated into Notes 8.

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