Qumana has changed my blogging life

If you haven’t tried Qumana yet, you need to. It is by far the best blog editor that I have found. Many thanks to Luis (aka Captain KM) for his suggestion.

One of my favorite features is the droppad. I keep mine in the lower right hand corner of the screen. It’s great for cliping little quotes or images that I want to blog about, but more importantly it serves as a little reminder to keep my blog fresh.

And while I’m at it, I’d also give a nod to FastStone Image Capture as one of the best screen capture / editing programs I’ve use.

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  1. Luis Suarez

    Hi Frank ! I am really glad you are enjoying Qumana just as much as I am doing myself. Yes, indeed, Droppad is also one of my favourite features since it allows me to work on different things I bump into and that I want to recover at a later time. But if there is anything that I really like about Qumana is how easy it makes it attaching pictures and show them in the blog post. It is just so easy! I love it!

    And, of course, there is just so much more!

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