Jordan Mitchell – Distributed Social Networking And A New Metaphor For Search

I’m not sure I get exactly where he is going (sounds a bit like delicious and had a baby) and what he has concretely, but here is some propaganda from his othersonline site:

It’s this easy …

  1. Create a profile. Include a picture, links to your Web site(s) and keywords/tags (interests, memes, hobbies, etc.)
  2. We promote you to others, when you’re relevant to their Web browsing and interests. You get more traffic.
  3. Use our toolbar to manage your profile, increase your rank/visibility, and see people relevant to YOUR Web browsing.
  4. Publish our widget to your blog, using whatever tags you wish. It helps.
  5. Smile and spread the love!

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One comment

  1. that guy

    Ughh. Ok, this is what happens when:
    — you combine cold medicine with a couple pints
    — you present at 11:05pm
    — you have no control over the slides (part of the “fun”)
    — you don’t rehearse, but rather wing it

    As for where we’re going and what we have concretely, well please just stay tuned!

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