Enterprise 2.0 – Ross Mayfield – SocialText

We do a great job at building software to get in people’s way.

There is a power law for participation (reading is easy, but not very engaging, while collaborating and leading are hard, but highly engaging.) We need to find ways to build low cost of entry points for participation in our tools.

"There is not collaboration without a goal" – Eugene Kim.

Discusses wiki usage at call centers. Makes the differentiation between ‘self service’ and ‘community service’.

Discussed 4 scenarios where wikis are used best. (Didn’t catch them while looking up Eugene Kim)

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  1. Chris Rollyson

    Hi Frank,

    Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts and observations about the Enterprise 2.0 conference, which I couldn’t make. There are so many great conferences out there, and so little time! I do this quite a bit, too, and you may want to check out my take on Digital Hollywood Chicago, which was about telecoms/content convergence:

    Also, I featured Sam Palmisano’s comments on the Global Integrated Enterprise a couple months ago:

    You remind me that I’ve got to pick up Weinberger’s and Tapscott’s latest!

    Cheers- Chris

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