Enterprise 2.0 – Wikinomics – Don Tapscott,

Suggested the difference between  "closed hierarchy" and "open networked enterprise" in his 1992 book "Paradigm Shift".

Pulled together a research project that looked at the enterprise and its transformation. Discovered that the enterprise is undergoing a fundamental change.

There are 4 divers for this change.

  • Web 2.0 – the interactive web.
  • The "next generation" – children who take technology for granted. As a panel he asked a 20 year old what she would use email for, and she answered "you know for something formal, like sending a thank you note to someone’s parents".
  • The Social Revolution – Sites that have been providing content are being eclipsed by sites that provide content collaboration (e.g. myspace beating out mtv.com). Self organization has been around throughout history and the web empowers that self organization to happen very quickly.
  • The economic revolution – Nobel prize winning economist asked "why does the firm exist?". His answer was because of the transaction cost. The transaction cost was really the cost of collaboration. Over time we’ve gone from physical and financial  resources be critically constrained to knowledge being the constraining resource, and at the same time value is moving from the traditional hierarchy to the self organizing.

Enterprise 2.0 – New business models

Goldcorp – a 50 year old mining company peers, opens and shares his proprietary geological data and opens it up to an online community to find gold. He spent $0.5M in prize money and found $3B in gold. He was successful because he:

  • Peered
  • Was transparent
  • Shared his proprietary data.

7 New business models

  1. Peer Pioneers – Peer services – lending, open source software delivery.
  2. Ideagoras – Idea markets – places to exchange ideas and reward outside of the enterprise.
  3. Prosumers – turning customers into producers.
  4. The next Alexandrians
  5. Open platforms
  6. The global plant floor – (e.g. a peer produced airplane – Boeing collaborates from the ground up to build the 787 with its suppliers.
  7. The wiki workplace – push more and more to collaborative wikis instead of having the direction come top down.

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