Enterprise 2.0 – Leveraging community as a competitive weapon

Denise Kalos and Bill Takacs from O’Reilly Media.

"What we know is that people learn first form their peers"

Whats going on in the world:

  • Workforces are distributed
  • There is a huge gap between the baby boomers and Gen-x’ers that will replace them.
  • The attitude toward work-life balance for "Millenials" is different. They will change jobs about 19 times in their career. They are also primarily focused on their personal goals, not their work goals.

Principles most important to the enterprise:

  • "Harnessing collective intelligence"
  • Data is the "next intel inside"
  • Rich user experiences
  • Software above the level of a single device
  • Perpetual beta

[Not sure what they mean here about being "important to the enterprise" – they’re not taking questions until the end] [They cleared it up when I asked. These are points Enterprises need to be aware of when they think about implementing web2.0 technologies]

Gave example of company reaching out to communities for product development. Kettle Chips uses their online presence to get new chip flavors.

"If you build it they MAY come, manage it properly and they will engage, thrive and prosper" (Tools can’t by themselves create community.) [They had some tips here, but skipped past them.]

Community maturity model

Informational > Provisional > Communicative > Proactive > Productive > Leveraged

Its all about people. People need:

  • Exposure to things that capture their interest
  • the right resources at the right time
  • a place to find their voice and hear what others are saying
  • a forum to shine and share success
  • to be actively guided to ensure that their energy and efforts align with strategic objectives.

Attract Members, Build Community, Capture Knowledge

Getting lurkers to be participants – the best way is to create controversy.

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