Google Docs – Now with Forms!

Neat-o Torpedo! Google docs now lets you put a form in front of a spreadsheet if you just want to use it to collect data…

Official Google Docs Blog: Stop sharing spreadsheets, start collecting information

“We’re really excited to bring you forms!
Create a form in a Google Docs spreadsheet and send it out to anyone
with an email address. They won’t need to sign in, and they can respond
directly from the email message or from an automatically generated web
page. Creating the form is easy: start with a spreadsheet to get the
form, or start by creating the form and you’ll get the spreadsheet

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  1. Alan Lepofsky

    I was interested when I first heard about it a few weeks ago, so I took a look. It is very very basic atm, so I was not impressed at all. Even for “beta”, which typical Google things are, this is weak. However, it is a start, and I am sure Google will continue to add features. I can send you some information internally if you’d like. (including our plans!)

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