Why solitary workers can be faster workers

collision detection: Why solitary workers can be faster workers

From the article:

“For years, I’ve worked in isolation — either sitting alone in my office, or, recently, sitting in a rented cubicle in New York. I haven’t had a job that required me to work physically alongside coworkers since 1998.

And maybe that’s been a good thing for my productivity — because according to a new study, when you can see other workers performing different tasks out the corner of your eye, it slows you down. Tim Welsh, a kinesiologist at the University of Calgary, organized a nifty experiment in which he asked a subject to perform a task on a computer, alongside a partner performing a different computer task. Then he’d get
the subject to perform the task while his partner went off to another room…”


  1. dilenia frias

    How can I leave an opinion as to this posting when it’s not finished. Any body can say the words according to a study and pick random phrases and put dot dot dot and other random phrases and created any opinion they wanted to create?

  2. fjania

    dilenia – I assure you, the posting is finished. If you want more detail, follow the links.

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