The tip of the long tail

I just got this in the mail…


When I was a kid, I remember going into one of those giant “Hudson News” stores in Manhattan – the one with thousands of magazines. I thought to myself “wow! There is a magazine for EVERYTHING!”.

Of course, the web opens up the space even more so that there is a site for EVERYTHING. (I like exotic soaps, so a year ago I thought about starting a site all about soap. I was a bit too late)

So I’m not surprised that this email landed in my inbox. There is an entire group on flickr, with over 1,000 photos, that are just of toe socks. (Those socks that have little pockets for each toe).

Who could have known that there was a community of people that reveled in the glory of the toe sock? No one perhaps 🙂 But all they seemed to need to congregate was a space, and it looks like flickr has provided that space for them.

I <3 the web.

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  1. Adam Gartenberg

    And here I was impressed when I discovered that there was an “Arc Welder’s Monthly” magazine (hard copy, no less) while doing a summer internship several years back.

    If you’re ever looking to go local when buying hand-made soaps, my wife is friends with the woman who runs Moondance Soaps – – here in the RTP area, and we buy a lot from them.

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