I’ve accepted a job offer

Last week I accepted a job offer from a start-up based in Philly and NYC called InviteMedia. They have built a platform for advertisers, ad networks and ad agencies to buy digital media advertising, and to manage campaigns.

They’re main office is in Philly and they have a second office in NYC. I’ll be spending a couple days a week in Philly to start, and then I’ll be in the NYC office full time, helping them build out that office.

I’ll be working with the user interface team on all parts of the platform that end users will see. I’m really excited about it. I’ve wanted to work for a small company for a while now, and I think this will be a great experience.

I had a couple other offers that I passed on, both before I had this offer. In each case there was a combination of issues with location, job role, technology and company size. The offer from InviteMedia seemed to fit the bill all of the ways that I was looking for.

So that’s it… I’m back in the north and here to stay for a while at least. I’ll be living with some family in Oceanside for a while and commuting into NYC on the LIRR.

There are some friends that I’ll miss in NC, but I’m glad to be back up north and to get a chance to reconnect with friends back here. It’s nice to be home 🙂


  1. XYZ

    Congrates Frank. Though you dont me but I am one of ur followers on twitter and you are a source of inspiration to me while searching for job. Especially for not compromising.

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