IBM GLBT Event in Second Life

The IBM GLBT group (Eagle at IBM) had our first event in the new dedicated Second Life space. It was a great time seeing some new people turn up, and exploring all of ThomThom’s creative building. We had some conversation in the clubhouse lobby:

Eagle in Second Life

Then we did a little dancing at the disco. (I played DJ for a bit – thats me with the blue spiky hair)

Eagle in Second Life

50 Ways to Leave Your Bookmark

Thanks to Andy and Suz for blogging (and blogging) about the 50 Ways To Leave Your Bookmark article that we co-wrote for developerWorks.

Andy’s got a great description of the premise, so I’ll lift his shamelessly πŸ™‚

A little while ago my colleague Frank Jania posted a crazy thought on his internal IBM blog. The idea was that since Dogear (our internal social bookmarking system, and also part of Lotus Connections) has an API based on the Atom Publishing Protocol, and that just uses HTTP POST, it should be pretty simple to come up with a range of different ways to add bookmarks to Dogear using different technologies.

The gauntlet was thrown down, so a number of us started to contribute to FrankÂ’s wiki page, coming up with our own code examples.

Thanks to everyone who participated!

Why solitary workers can be faster workers

collision detection: Why solitary workers can be faster workers

From the article:

“For years, I’ve worked in isolation — either sitting alone in my office, or, recently, sitting in a rented cubicle in New York. I haven’t had a job that required me to work physically alongside coworkers since 1998.

And maybe that’s been a good thing for my productivity — because according to a new study, when you can see other workers performing different tasks out the corner of your eye, it slows you down. Tim Welsh, a kinesiologist at the University of Calgary, organized a nifty experiment in which he asked a subject to perform a task on a computer, alongside a partner performing a different computer task. Then he’d get
the subject to perform the task while his partner went off to another room…”

Done with: MySpace/Friendster

I’ve made the cut. Along with unsubscribing to a shockingly large
number of newsletters in my personal email account, I’ve canceled both
my MySpace and Friendster accounts. I’ve had them for some number of
years and they’ve lied fallow in comparison to my activity on Facebook.

I have some friends that are primarily active on MySpace or Friendster,
but maintaining updates on both of them was just really more than I
wanted to do. So we’ll see how all this works out. I’m still on, Facebook (of course), flickr, dopplr, fireeagle, etc etc, but
the sites that were primarily a personal profile have been
consolidated. Ahhh.

Google Docs – Now with Forms!

Neat-o Torpedo! Google docs now lets you put a form in front of a spreadsheet if you just want to use it to collect data…

Official Google Docs Blog: Stop sharing spreadsheets, start collecting information

“We’re really excited to bring you forms!
Create a form in a Google Docs spreadsheet and send it out to anyone
with an email address. They won’t need to sign in, and they can respond
directly from the email message or from an automatically generated web
page. Creating the form is easy: start with a spreadsheet to get the
form, or start by creating the form and you’ll get the spreadsheet

A Social Sickness

Hmm.. how about this. This is an social app that allows people to record themselves as “sick” with various degrees of granularity:

Who is sick?

From the site:
Who Is Sick was started in 2006 with a mission to provide current and local sickness information to the public – without the hassle of dealing with hospitals or doctors. With a strong belief in the power of people and a faith that user generated content can be extremely valuable, our team set out to create an entirely new system for tracking and monitoring sickness in your area and obtain sickness information. Information retrieved by tracking sickness in my area can also be used to map sickness trends in my region.

Given the relatively slower adoption of internet and “web 2.0′ technology by much of the healthcare industry, our team of healthcare professionals, technology entrepreneurs, mothers, fathers, and caregivers set out to create a simple, user-friendly, and valuable website for the average consumer. We are currently building out our team and expanding our technology breadth across new and exciting areas of healthcare with Who Is Sick as our first offering. Stay tuned for more!

Cutting the cable.

After a wonderful Pad Thai at Martha’s house tonight, we made a pact. No more fancy cable. We’re both calling Time-Warner tomorrow and cutting down to the most basic cable, and that is just for reception. Corey and I are looking into some of the elgato products as a means for possibly avoiding cable entirely!

It’s kind of scary — I grew up with a television on almost all the time. We all figured that there is so much media out there, and we can watch movies and TV shows via iTunes and AppleTV, so who needs to let Time Warner molest us?

It’s also really exciting — I’d been watching too much TV anyway.

I suspect this is going to work out quite well πŸ™‚

A Year (to-be) in Numbers

Inspired in part by the 2005 and 2006 annual reports by Nicholas Felton, and by a desire to be clever and crafty with my 2007 holiday card, I’ve been thinking about collecting a year’s worth of statistics.

So… What kind of statistics would you want to collect of yourself (or of me) over a year? I’m thinking of going with a graph theme and collecting data that would show well on a linear scale with a point for each day of the year.

In considering all of the collectible data I’ve come up with this so far – what else would you add?

Food and Drink
Ate at Whole Foods / Ate out / Cooked home
Drank something other than water

Took medicine
Felt ill
Saw a doctor

Worked from home / at the office
Worked on a weekend day
Conference / Vacation
Keystrokes typed (This would just be neat to know πŸ™‚

Miles flown
Miles driven
What country I’m in

Went on a date
Bought a plan / plant died
Finished reading a book
Dollars spent